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Residents’ Council Information

Representatives Information

Our next regularly scheduled Residents’ Council meeting is Friday, April 20, at 10:00 a.m. in the Theater.

Discussion/recommendation items are due no later than Wednesday, April 11 (sooner if possible).  They should be submitted to Richard Keyser (Apt 4109) or email

The preferred method is email and if you choose this method you need list only the concern and recommendation for fixing the problem.  But please include the Building and Floor you represent.

If email is a problem for you, you may simply submit a typed or a legible handwritten note, with the concern and your recommendation.  Again please include the Building and Floor you represent.

Thanks for your diligence.

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While the Residents’ Council meetings are primarily for Council Representatives, all residents may attend and monitor the proceedings.

Council Officers

  Howard Matson, Chairperson

  Richard Keyser, Vice Chairperson

  Dick Hart, Secretary

Council Representatives

Building One:

  Faye Bergquist, 1st floor

  Don Mason, 2nd floor

  Deanna & Tim Scott, 3rd floor

Building Two:

  Sally Tiegs & Carol Hamner, 1st floor

  Barbara Young & Ed Morrison, 2nd floor

  Sue Feather & Virginia Love, 3rd floor

Building Three:

  Charlotte McKay, 1st floor

  Lorraine Darrow & Ginny Jordan, 2nd floor

  Lenore Farber, 3rd floor

Building Four:

  Richard Keyser, 1st floor

  Judy Rucker, 2nd floor

  Joy McAllister & Kitty Murray, 3rd floor

Building Five:

  Bill Drissel & Nita Drissel, 1st floor

  Jeff Evans, 2nd floor

  Mary True & Faye Miller, 3rd floor

Food Committee

Shirley Kastner, Chairperson

Jim Constantino, Em Engibous, Jack Fredieu, Robert Hamner, Annette Houston, Joy McAllister, Beverly Steckman, Geree Streun and Barbara Young

Food Committee Report

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02/18 Food Report