Mason’s Missives

Don Mason, Parkview resident, is a gifted writer.  We will, from time to time, post his articles on this page for your enjoyment.

Just click on a title to read.



    Martha's Peak . . . join Mika as he searches for his ancestors while raising his own family

    A Recipe for Death . . . a murder mystery in a small Kentucky town

    The Secrets of Big Bone Lick . . . another work of fiction about the Scott family in Kentucky

    The Horse's Tale .  .  .   Horses and their uses in war time, especially the Civil and World Wars

    A Tale of Two Mysteries . . . The life story of a man and a Texas city.  Your mission: identify both

    White Lightning . . .  Supplementing income by making moonshine liquor

    America's Vanishing Heroes . . . An interesting history of the Medal of Honor and its recipients

    The Cabal Alliance . . . A fictional account of Washington intrigue


    Thunder in the Valley . . . Follow a family trying to eke out a living in the coal mines

    Grandparents Day . . . Some thoughts about that observance

    Scams, Cons and You . . . Learn of the many schemes to steal your money

    The Brothers of Pelican Island . . . the history of Alcatraz and its famous inmates

    John Chisum II and Studebaker  . . . Cattle drive to Abilene in 1870’s

    Justice for Traitors or Just Plain Murder? . . . The Great Hanging - 1862

    A Schlemiel and his Bulldog . . . the story behind President Garfield’s assassination

    A Great Tree Has Fallen. . . intriguing story of a great man.

    The Axe Man Cometh; in the City of Darkness . . . a Texas murder chronicle

     Rants and Raves . . . Some things bugging Don (and probably you too)

     April, Good Bad and Ugly . . . A look at the events of April 1865

    Kentucky, its history, myths and outright lies . . . Don tells us about his favorite state

     Autumn Leaves . . . Don writes of their New England journey to see the fall foliage.

    Freedom, At What Price  . .  a tribute to the USA and those who keep us free.

     Mason Journey . . a short story for Parkview couch potatoes telling of a visit to England and

                                        other European stops.