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Bob & Bobbye Maggard


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  1. Resident Biographies  by Roving Reporter Twylia DuBois

  2. Thrive  monthly Watermark publication

  3. Videos  movies of recent activities

  4. Watermark Website  our management’s website

  5. Residents’ Council Info   newsletters & other information

  6. Exhibit B - Additional Fees    fees for certain services

  7. Our Staff   complete roster with photos of our key associates

Parkview Videos

Videos are posted from a few recent Parkview events.  Here is a listing:

  1. Parkview Snow Village  2017

  2. Christmas Fund Party  2017

  3. Parkview Luau   July 2017

  4. Mystery Dinner   July 2017

  5. Siri Knows Parkview  2017

  6. Christmas Fund Party  2016

• Veterans Day  2016

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Parkview Snapshots

Snapshots from some Parkview activities are posted.  Here are the recent albums:



You may view any of these albums

and many more by

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Residents’ Council Information

Our Parkview Residents’ Council publishes a newsletter called Council Communicator to keep us informed of improvements needed in our community and those implemented by management.

Council Communicator - February 2018

Food Report - Feb 2018

Other Council Information

Parkview Prayer Network

Jeff Evans (469-200-5735) has set up a special dedicated email address ( for your prayer requests or praises.  Let Jeff know by phone or email if you have a prayer request or want to be a part of the Prayer Chain.

Make sure you have permission of the individual concerned before notifying Jeff of their need.

Let me know your Email address

I frequently email alerts and late breaking information to Parkview residents.  Lately there have been notices of funerals, hospitalizations, website updates, etc.  If you would like to be added to my email list, I promise no one else will see your address - - - I send all emails BCC (blind copy) so no one sees any of the other addressees. 

So if I can have your address, just email me at or give me a call at 972 704-3668.

  1. Parkview aerial views

  2. Mother’s Day Tea 2017

  3. Spring Fling 2017

  4. March Mystery Dinner

  5. St. Patrick’s Day 2017

  6. Valentine’s Day 2017

  7. Marti Gras 2017

Pictorial Directories

Kersten Korner

It’s football season and Ed has written an epic limerick on the NFL entitled “First And Ten”.

click here

Parkview Authors . . . . click a name to see their contributions.

   Bob Warren  (Warren Publications)       Don Mason  (Mason’s Missives)

   Ed Kersten  (Kersten Korner)                Bobbye Maggard (Bytes & Pieces)

Mason’s Missives

Don Mason has written two new short stories . . .

A Recipe for Death and Martha's Peak


Twylia DuBois has penned another resident’s biography.  The latest is about

Dale Gaskins

Resident Photos

To print, click the link below for a pdf file that you can print.  If you prefer, Diane will print color copies for $1 per page, or b/w copies at no cost.

To browse the directory, with all the residents on one page for easy viewing and larger photos, then click below:

Directory for Printing.pdf

Directory for Browsing.pdf

Associates Photos

We now have photos of Parkview associates with their current departmental positions.

Click the link below:

Associates Directory.pdf

If you would like to be included in the directory, please tell Diane. 

Parkview Bible Study

You are invited to attend our weekly non-denominational Bible Study.  Led by resident Don Pomeroy (with alternate Jeff Evans), we are now discussing I John.  We meet each Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in the third floor Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). 

Bring you Bible and join us for this great time of fellowship.

Parkview Library News

News from our Library Committee is now being posted here on this website.

To read Chairperson Carol Hamner’s articles, including her latest News #5

If They Could See Us Now

In Bob Warren’s latest story in Frisco Style Magazine, Bob recalls the many positive changes in Frisco in the past few years.   

Hospital Notifications

Frequently residents are hospitalized but other residents are unaware.  Parkview management cannot inform us because of privacy issues (HIPAA), but this website is not under such restrictions, so . . .

If you would like others notified then let me know (or have a friend or family member inform me) by calling me (972 704-3668) or emailing me ( with the info you want posted. I will then publish on this site and will also notify all those on my Parkview email list. 

Friends and family:  Make sure you have permission of the individual concerned

before notifying me of their problem.