Bobbye’s Bytes & Pieces

Here is a listing of articles written by Bobbye for your enjoyment (and hers).

Click any title to read.  Expect more in weeks to come!

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  1. Top O' The Mornin' To Ya! - Bobbye shares some little known facts about Saint Patrick’s Day

  2. A Nice Place To Visit, But..... ... Another story of some strange places in this world.

  3. Scotland's Suicide Bridge  - A very odd recurring event for dogs.

  4. Purple Puzzlers - Some odd things colored purple.

  5. Will Rogers' Wit and Wisdom - Rogers’ witty observations are just as fresh today as in the early 20th century.

  6. The Bare Bear - Hairless bears and other bare animals.

  7. Ingo and Poldi  -  Not a story about an owl and a pussy cat, but one that is equally enchanting.

  8. Musings of a Meandering Mind  -  Objects and song titles that contain the word “eye”.

  9. New Zealand's Maori People  -  Another unusual people group.

  10. Kentucky Wonders: The Fugate Family   An unusual family that has blue skin in the Bluegrass state.

  11. Melungeons: The Mysterious Mountain People  -  An unusual people group in Appalacia

  12. Duggie and Ben  -   Another story of unusual animal friends, this time a dog and a dolphin

  13. Mzee and Owen   -  two unusual animal friend, a hippo and a tortoise

  14. Today's Troglodytes   -  A cave is a “good place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there”

  15. Preidential Pets    -  The White House has hosted some unusual animals through the years

  16. Tunnel People of Vegas    Surprisingly, some 1000 people live underground in flood tunnels in Las Vegas

  17. Nonsense, Scat and all that Jazz - lyrics of our songs didn’t always make sense

  18. If - a poem that will help you determine if you are a senior citizen

  19. The Parkview Sneeze - a poem about a common occurrence

  20. In The Chips - origins and varieties of potato chips

  21. Unusual Animal Friendships  -  different species forming friendships

  22. Proofreading is a Dying Art  - news items that slipped through

  23. Origins of Expressions - some research on little known facts

  24. Christmas in Rattvik, Sweden  -  Ulrika reflects on her Christmas celebrations

  25. December    a look back at Parkview events in 2015

  26. November  some interesting facts about our 11th month

  27. October in History   a compilation of the month’s historical events

  28. Masks.pages.pdf  the origins of masks

  29. The Good Old Days   A history of the car radio

  30. Oktoberfest.pdf   a history of this popular German festival

  31. Yogi Memoriam   a few of his memorable misstatements

  32. ‘Tis the Season  Football that is -- click for Andy Griffith’s famous monologue

  33. Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart   fits most of us

  34. Modern Technology    are we using it or is it using us?  

  35. Limericks  -  Nonsense Poetry     Facts about Limericks, plus some good ones

  36.   Fireworks  Some research on the origins of this favorite 4th of July activity

  37.   Pondering The Past   Remembering our youth in poetry

  38.   Superstitions  Some Old Wives Tales and other superstitions

  39.   Malaprops   Funny, funny